XC90 vs BMW X5

Volvo has been making a name for itself recently with the redesign of the All New XC90 2015-2016. Media is hailing this vehicle as the harbinger bringing Volvo into the luxury era. It's been catching the eye of our competitors as well as press; here is why we think you may prefer the all new XC90 to its competitor, the BMX X5.


XC90: When you first sit in the XC90, you get the distinct feeling that the vehicle you have entered is the epitome of Scandinavian Luxury. The interior has been redesigned to infuse leather, wood and even Swedish crystal glass for a cabin with a special feel.  It seats up to 7 passengers quite comfortably, priding itself in the amount of legroom allotted for second and third row passengers, promising more relaxing drives for the whole family.

X5: When it comes down to it, most consider the X5's recent design to only be "evolutionary," with slightly larger dimensions and a more standout grill. Also like it's predecessor, it seats 5 while having the optional 3rd row for the larger families as a paid upgrade. It looks very similar to previous generation X5s, inside and out. 

As much as we love our competitors, it is obvious that the design trophy, this year, belongs to the XC90.

XC90: Volvo engineering cut its teeth on the XC60 and first XC90, creating a safe and comfortable vehicle and crossover for more than a decade. Our engine puts out 316 horsepower, vs 300 from the X5 and - incredibly - outperforms in combined fuel economy 22 to 21 mpg. This is probably why the XC90 was named US New and World Report's Best in Class for Mid-Size SUV in 2015.

X5: BMW, on the other hand, has focused mainly on their sedans for many, many years. No one denies they are skilled in that category. When it comes to SUVs, however, it is apparent that they are still getting the hang of how to create one that performs at the top of its class. Handling. Steering, for example, tends to feel a bit sticky while driving. It's a great vehicle, but there it needs some major modifications.

As mentioned above, the XC90 manages to pull more horsepower with fewer revolutions per minute than the X5, all the while getting better miles per gallon. In this category, the XC90 is the clear winner.


XC90: We at Volvo like to make sure you are getting your money's worth. For this reason, we make sure not to skimp when it comes to basic features that everyone should enjoy. 

Features like the Rear Park Assist Camera, Collision Avoidance, and Roll Stability control come standard in the XC90, as well as Hands-free Tailgate- a feature not included at all in the X5.  The list goes on: Climate system control, 19" wheels, keyless entry, leather seating, 3rd row seats, and 20 additional cubic feet of cargo space are included in the XC90 Momentum package (the base model).

X5: Many of the extras mentioned above are also included in the X5- but for a cost. Want a Rear Park Assist Camera? That will be an extra $400. A premium 4 zone climate control, keyless entry, and leather seating package? An extra $2,550. A 3rd row of seats? $1,700. 19" Wheels? $1,600. 

As you can see, at the base price, you would have to add $6,250 worth of extras to the BMW base price that's ALREADY $7,300 higher than the XC90 in order for it to have the same features. That lands you at a difference of $13,550- not an insignificant amount of money.

Volvo realizes you are paying for a vehicle that needs to meet the demands of discerning men and women. BMW is known worldwide for its ability to create skin and bones vehicles with dozens of upgrades. We are doing as much as we can to create a vehicle you can drive away with content.


XC90: At the end of the day, you can expect to pay $48,900 for the T6 AWD Momentum edition of the Volvo XC90.  This includes all the features previously mentioned.

X5: The base model of the BMW X5 sits at $56,200- $7,300 higher than the XC90. It's also two wheel drive. In order to make up for everything that comes standard with the XC90, you would have to add an additional $6,250. This puts the total at $62,450.

The Bottom Line:

Call us biased, but we prefer the All New XC90. As one owner of a German Luxury SUV put it at an unveiling in Bluffton, South Carolina, "Why is the XC90 so inexpensive?" He couldn't figure it out, and neither can we. The fit and finish catapults the vehicle into the upper echelons of luxury, while keeping it affordable for the modern family. And then there is the safety record...

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