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Volvo XC90 Recharge Service Intervals

The Volvo XC90 is a superb choice in the crowded mid-size luxury SUV category. It stands out for its distinctive Scandinavian design, its elegant interior and the opportunity it gives you for driving a fuel-efficient hybrid powertrain. By giving your Volvo XC90 the regular, factory-recommended maintenance it needs at Volvo Cars Savannah in Savannah GA, you're extending the life of all your major components and helping your vehicle run reliably. Here is an overview of the most important service intervals from 15,000 miles to 90,000 miles.

15,000-mile service

Your Volvo XC90 should perform beautifully for the first 15,000 miles, at which point it should have its initial service visit. That's when we will change the oil using a synthetic formula and we will also change the engine oil filter. We will inspect your chassis, rotate your tires and inspect them to make sure they have enough pressure. In addition, we will clean your windshield to make sure that the Intellisafe camera on the front end has an unobstructed view of the road. Last but not least, we will update your Volvo software as needed.

30,000-mile service

This is the point when your Volvo will to be due for your second oil change with synthetic motor oil. We will also replace the engine oil filter and the air filter in the cabin. The chassis will be inspected thoroughly to detect any potential problems and your Volvo XC90 will get a general internal and external inspection, looking for wear and tear.

The windshield will be professionally cleaned once again to make sure that the Intellisafe camera is working as it was designed to do. One of our skilled, factory-trained technicians will provide you with the latest Volvo software updates at the same time. The 30,000-mile checkpoint is when your brake fluid will be flushed and replaced. In addition, this is the time when we will replace your camshaft belt and your auxiliary belt.

60,000 mile service

At 60,000 miles, it's time for another Volvo oil change and an engine oil filter replacement. What's more, this is when we will inspect your brakes, and once again drain and replace your brake fluid to help optimize your safety. This is the point when we will replace the air cleaner element and the air filter in the passenger compartment. We will check the auxiliary belt and replace it if needed. We will test the battery in your Volvo and replace it if it doesn't show an adequate charge still remaining. Finally, we will make sure your windshield gets properly cleaned.

90,000-mile service

The 90,000-mile checkpoint is when we will once again provide you with a complete synthetic oil change. In addition, your engine air filter will be replaced and your Volvo XC90 will get a new cabin air filter. What's more, this is the time when your brake fluid will be replaced along with the timing belt and the belt tensioner. In addition, the chassis will be thoroughly inspected and serviced as needed and if it's deemed appropriate, your Volvo XC90 will get new spark plugs.

Why oil changes should be implemented every 15,000 miles

Your Volvo XC90 is a precision machine with a lot of intricate parts, some of them moving very rapidly and coming into contact with one another. What's more, any gas-powered vehicle is subject to invasion by microscopic particles of dust, dirt and grime. A regular oil change every 15,000 miles flushes out the dirt and fills your Volvo XC90 with fresh new lubrication. Contact us for regular service at Volvo Cars Savannah in Savannah GA.

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