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Getting an oil change is necessary to keep your vehicle's engine running smoothly. Your vehicle has many vital parts that need clean oil to keep them moving without damaging the engine. A full-service oil change only takes a few minutes. It will prevent corrosion and wear-and-tear while ensuring optimal performance. Plus, dirty oil will reduce your gas mileage, limit your vehicle's horsepower, and shorten the life of your engine. Those are a few of the reasons we recommend you bring your vehicle to our service department at Volvo Cars Savannah for regular oil change services.

What is an Oil Change?

An oil change is an essential part of vehicle maintenance to keep your vehicle safely operating while maintaining the engine's health. When you do not regularly change the oil, the engine will break down and cause more damage to your vehicle. This damage will cost you more money to repair or replace the engine. Therefore, choosing a quality oil is crucial for the health of your vehicle's engine. Our service department technician will choose the best one for your engine.


An oil change involves draining the old engine oil and replacing it with new oil. The service technician may also recommend changing the oil filter. An oil filter helps keep dirt particles, sludge, and other debris from building up in the oil. These pollutants make the oil less slippery and effectively keep your vehicle's engine lubricated. This service will also prevent your engine from damages caused by overheating. New oil will also reduce friction, transfer heat evenly throughout the engine, and absorb any by-products from combustion.


Other Oil Change Services

There is a lot that happens during an oil change. A full-service oil change involves many other services besides draining the old oil and replacing it with new oil. Some additional oil change services can include:

  • Checking and topping off the washer fluid
  • Inspecting the brake and signal lights
  • Examining all hoses and belts
  • Replacing the air filter if necessary
  • Testing and replacing the windshield wipers
  • Inflating the tires to the proper level

When Do You Need to Change Your Oil?

Regular oil changes can prevent unexpected and costly breakdowns. Yet, it can be challenging to know the best time to get an oil change. You can find information about the recommended oil change intervals in your owner's manual. In addition, the owner's manual will have information about the best time to get an oil change. It will also have the recommended type of oil you should get that is specific to the make and model of your vehicle.

Generally, the best time to have an oil change is every three months or 3,000 miles. Yet, some auto manufacturers recommend having an oil change up to every 7,500 miles. Several factors can determine how often you should get an oil change. These factors include:

  • Driving frequency
  • Drive for work or leisure
  • Living in an area with steep hills or mountains
  • Living in an area with a lot of sand, dirt, and other pollutants

If you still have questions, you can ask one of our service technicians. They can determine the best schedule for oil change services to bring your vehicle in.

Schedule Your Next Service Appointment at Our Savannah, GA Dealership

It is essential to change your oil at regularly scheduled intervals. It can extend the life of your engine and give you better fuel efficiency. When it is time for you to get an oil change for your vehicle, bring it to our Volvo dealership in Savannah, GA. Our service department technicians will provide you with a full-service oil change that will keep your vehicle operating at optimal levels. Do not wait too long before you schedule your next oil change. Schedule an oil change with us today.


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