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Inspections are great for peace of mind and can save you quite a bit of money if the technicians catch an issue before it becomes a full-blown problem. States have several stipulations for each inspection, including maintaining emissions standards or safety requirements required by law. Many states only require safety inspections every two years for younger cars and shorten it to yearly once the vehicle reaches 10 years of age.

Additionally, situation-specific inspections address concerns the vehicle owner or technician may have. For example, you may want an inspection if you're planning a big road trip, want to know if the used car you're buying is a good one, or you hear a suspicious clunking noise as you're driving around Savannah, GA. Your technician may want to complete a detailed inspection if they happen to see signs of trouble for one system while they're working on another one.

Engine Inspections

This is a comprehensive, catch-all inspection that covers several concerns, from safety and state-mandated regulations to winter weather preparedness. Your technician will closely examine wires, hoses, belts, and gaskets, noting any unusual fluid leaks that indicate problems with various components. Your engine and cabin filters can get changed out at this time. Your Volvo service technician will also check the fluid levels for the transmission, power steering, motor oil, coolant, and other systems, topping them up or flushing and replacing them if necessary. If your battery is aging, your technician can also perform a strength test. This service is essential if you're heading into the cold winter months.


Tire Inspections

Inspecting the tires is a quick and simple task that even non-mechanically inclined vehicle owners can complete if they'd like. However, you can easily leave this in the hands of a professional if you don't have time to do it yourself. A pressure check can reveal a slow leak and represents an optimal time to top up the air amount to ensure you're not creating uneven wear patterns that will shorten tire lifespan. Inspecting the tread depth gives a clear picture of how much use you have left in your tires and can reveal any vulnerable areas that might be prone to flats or blowouts.

Brake Inspections

Brakes go beyond mere mechanical concerns to become safety issues, so it's best to act quickly if you notice a drop or change in performance. Your technician will check brake pad thickness, have a look at your rotors, and ensure the brake lines look healthy. Brake pads announce the end of their lifespan with a shrill screeching when you brake. Other warning signs of more profound brake system failure include a spongy feeling to the brake pedal when pressing down or little effect on slowing the car when braking. Both of these symptoms are clear safety hazards that need immediate addressing, and you shouldn't attempt to drive the vehicle if this happens.

Exhaust System Inspections

Your state may require an inspection of your entire exhaust system to cut down on pollution. It's in a vehicle owner's best interests to maintain exhaust health, as a malfunctioning system can impact vehicle performance and produce irritating noise. Your technician will check your manifold, muffler, catalytic converter, tailpipe, and other system components.

Suspension Inspections

Your shocks and struts can go several years without service or inspection, but there's no mistaking the jarring ride that indicates a problem in that area. Most of the components rely on the others in this system, and you can experience a domino effect of problems when just one component starts to go awry.

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