Have Your Volvo Coolant Flush Service Performed at Volvo Cars Savannah

Taking good care of your Volvo is essential for preserving its resale value. When Savannah, GA, drivers receive maintenance at the Volvo Cars Savannah service center, a solid maintenance record gets added to the vehicle's history report. Regularly flushing your vehicle's cooling system is critical to these efforts. Even short, quick drives through Savannah, GA, can be detrimental if your car constantly overheats. That's why Volvo Cars of Savannah makes it easy for our clients to schedule and have coolant flush service performed.

What Is a Coolant Flush?

Antifreeze or engine coolant plays a vital role in keeping your Volvo's engine cool. Moving parts can create tremendous heat when your vehicle is in motion. If your vehicle doesn't have sufficient coolant or if its coolant is rife with rust and scale deposits, your engine will grow hot.

There are two services that you can use to prevent this from happening. These are coolant flush and coolant exchange services. With a coolant exchange, the existing coolant gets drained out and replaced by a new mix of coolant and water according to the model-specific recommendations of the vehicle manufacturer. We use high-powered equipment to force a cleaner and conditioner through the cooling system during a coolant flush, removing old coolant, rust, scale, dirt, and other deposits. Then we add new coolant and record the service car's vehicle history report.


How Can Coolant Services at Volvo Cars Savannah Help Your Volvo?

There are many benefits of having a coolant flush performed. Coolant flush services take a bit longer than coolant exchange services, and they also cost a bit more. However, with a flush, rust is both removed and prevented. The conditioning agents we use in the flushing solution lower the likelihood of future deposits and help your coolant last longer and perform better. With a coolant flush service at our Savannah, GA dealership, you'll also have the entire cooling system inspected. This way, if there are worn or damaged components or components that have reached the end of their lifespans, we can change these out before they have the opportunity to cause serious problems.

Refreshing or Flushing Coolant Can Prevent Acidic Levels

Taking good care of the coolant in your Volvo also ensures it won't become too acidic. When coolant becomes extremely old and dirty, it develops a high level of acidity that will eventually degrade both the bearing and the water pump. Thus, scheduling coolant service at Volvo Cars Savannah is a great way to avoid high repair costs in the future.

Expect Fast, Friendly Service and Transparent Pricing

When you visit Volvo Cars Savannah to have your coolant flushed, you can always expect fast, friendly service. We have a large team of highly skilled technicians at our service center to get jobs like these done quickly and get our clients back on the road. We are also committed to offering full transparency in our prices. This way, there are no surprises when you get your bill.

How Often Should You Have the Coolant Flushed in Your Volvo?

There are multiple factors to consider when setting a schedule for coolant flushes. Generally, it would be best to perform a coolant flush service once every two years or approximately every 30,000 miles. However, if you have an older Volvo model, drive an extensive amount, regularly haul heavy loads, or skip any necessary maintenance, you may need to have the coolant flushed more often. At Volvo Cars Savannah, we go out of our way to provide every sedan, wagon, crossover, and SUV with the needs-specific care it deserves. Our team is well-versed in caring for all Volvo models from all years of manufacture. Call or come by today to set up an appointment for your next coolant flush.


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