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Depending on what part of the country you live in, you generally use heat in your vehicles more often than you use AC. However, when you need AC, you need it working right away. We've often heard it said that the AC tends to break on the hottest day of the year. While this may be partly true, it may also appear to be that way because it's a hot day that requires good working AC in your vehicle. Come to Volvo Cars Savannah to have an AC repair service, which will ensure that your AC works when you need it the most.

What is an AC Repair Service?

When you hear the words "AC repair service," you may think it's only about getting the AC system repaired. However, that's not always the case. This phrase is most often used to describe repairing the AC system and to ensure it's working as it should so it doesn't suddenly quit working on a hot day. When you bring your vehicle to our Volvo dealership in Savannah, GA for an AC repair service, you can count on our service technicians doing the following things:

  • Checking the compressor for clogging or leaks
  • Replacing or topping off the coolant
  • Inspecting the cooling fan and replacing it if needed
  • Inspecting all electrical parts for faulty sensors, bad modules, or broken wires

How to Know if an AC Repair Service is Necessary

The AC system consists of many parts, but the main parts are the compressor, condenser, receiver drier, orifice tube, and evaporator. If just one of these parts quit working, your entire AC system can quit working. Sometimes your AC may stop working without any warnings, or it may not work to its full capacity.

Often, your AC system will give off warning signs that it may need work. Here are some signs that may indicate your vehicle needs AC repair service:

  • Little or no airflow
  • Loss of coolant fluid
  • Bad odor when you turn on the AC
  • Weird sounds coming from the AC
  • Airflow is not cold
  • It takes a few minutes for the AC to start working

When to Schedule an AC Repair Service

Every driver has different thoughts about when to schedule an AC repair service. Some drivers may not want to explore repair or maintenance options until something breaks. However, delaying an inspection and regular maintenance can result in a very hot and miserable trip if your AC system breaks down suddenly. At our Savannah service center, we want to make sure you never have to go through this discomfort.

The best time to schedule an AC repair service is before you head out for a long drive on a hot day. For maximum reassurance, we recommend bringing it to our shop at least once a year, preferably at the start of the warm season. You won't be sorry you brought your vehicle in for AC service because a good working AC system can result in a more comfortable ride, better gas mileage, and a cleaner running vehicle.

Visit Our Savannah Car Dealership for AC Repair Service and Other Maintenance

Regular maintenance on your AC system will ensure you always have AC in your vehicle. Waiting until your AC breaks down to bring it in for service can result in uncomfortable driving and a more costly repair bill. You may not be able to bring your vehicle to get serviced immediately, which will add to the days of discomfort.

Contact us or visit our Volvo dealership in Savannah, GA to schedule an appointment for your AC repair service. While at our shop, why not have us give your vehicle a once-over? We offer a wide variety of maintenance services.


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