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Today, there's been an overhaul in the auto industry. And Volvo Cars Savannah has kept pace, if not eclipsing expectations by offering the ability to reserve any new Volvo luxury model produced.

From the comfort of your Savannah home, you may research Volvo SUVs, sedans and wagons for available options and packages, and reserve in an instant. It's that simple.

To reserve or order your new Volvo luxury model, just complete an online query form with contact information and state which model you prefer. As soon as the form is digitally submitted, a Volvo Cars Savannah sales professional will reach out with next steps in the process.

The Ease of Reserving Your Volvo XC90 Luxury SUV Outside Savannah, GA

It's never been a better time to reserve your new, Volvo XC90 luxury SUV. As a matter of fact, we've been able to offer this convenience per Volvo Cars' constant mission towards innovation.

All that's needed is your interest in browsing those Volvo XC90 trims of Momentum and Inscription. To each trim, there are highlighted features and elements with the goal of complementing your taste and style.

As well, with reserving Volvo XC90, you may also investigate Volvo Genuine Accessories and packages to apply to your reservation.

With Volvo XC90 Recharge, you're provided with the sustainable, Volvo plug-in hybrid powertrain for earning up to 35-miles in pure-electric mode. While in the hybrid-drive setting, delivered will be 55 mpge. And federal tax credits worth thousands of dollars may be claimed with your Volvo XC90 Recharge acquisition.

Mind you, when reserving or ordering your next, new Volvo XC90 luxury SUV, you may also take advantage of any finance offers or lease deals when available.

Every Volvo Luxury Model May Be Reserved, Ordered via Volvo Cars Savannah

Gratefully for Volvo enthusiasts, Volvo Cars produces a wide selection of SUVs, sedans, wagons and the Volvo C40 Recharge crossover.

And with every model, you're afforded Northern European luxury that's not overwhelming and efficiencies making the most of convenience.

For a brief overview of Volvo luxury models available for reserving and ordering, look below with general details included.

Volvo XC40 Recharge

Volvo XC40 Recharge offers an all-electric range of 223+miles without ever requiring fuel. Acceleration has been timed from stillness to 60 mph in just 4.7-seconds. And Harman Kardon sound speakers accentuate the conveyance of audio while driving.

Volvo XC60 Recharge

Volvo XC60 Recharge offers the convenience of a plugged-in charge for up to 63 mpge when in the hybrid-drive mode. As well, one-pedal drive minimizes the need to tap the brake pedal given regenerative braking technology.

Volvo XC60

Volvo XC60 harbors the new generation of Volvo powertrain, providing a mild-hybrid layout that doesn't require a plugged-in charge. In this, less fuel is consumed given spent braking energy has been harnessed, then repurposed for adding power to the 2L, four-cylinder combustion engine.

Volvo S90 Recharge

The Volvo S90 Recharge plug-in hybrid sedan delivers up to 38-miles when in Pure Mode and 455 hp combined. Advanced air-filtration technology will enhance the luxury cabin by removing 95% of harmful impurities in the air.

Volvo S90

Volvo S90 luxury sedans are also equipped with the Volvo mild-hybrid powertrain. Also featured are LED lamps fore and aft, a complement of four exterior cameras for a full view of surrounding areas and Swedish crystal adorning the gear-shift knob and drive-setting dial.

Volvo S60 Recharge

Volvo S60 Recharge is a luxury sedan that will earn up to 41-miles in Pure Mode with an overnight, plugged-in charge near Savannah. Soon featured will be the Black Edition trim, offering blacked-out elements across the entire exterior.

Volvo S60

Volvo S60 lends mild-hybrid powering to help span stillness to 60 mph in 6.2-seconds. There's also a towing capacity comprising 2,000-lbs. while seating five passengers. Front-wheel drive comes standard as with 247 hp and 258 lb.-ft. of generated torque.

Volvo V60 Recharge

Volvo V60 Recharge is a plug-in hybrid wagon that reduces emissions released and is fully capable of being upfitted with your desired Volvo Genuine Accessories. Whatever your recreational interest past Savannah, bike racks, kayak cradles and storage containers may all be ordered for a customized approach to luxury.

Volvo V90 Cross Country

Volvo V90 Cross Country mild hybrid allows for up to 3,500-lbs. to be towed along with ample ground clearance for total versatility in a luxury wagon. Seating five passengers, there will also be up to 53.9 cu.-ft. of cargo spacing in-total.

Volvo V60 Cross Country

Volvo V60 Cross Country provides 60.5 cu.-ft. of cargo spacing and all-wheel drive while retaining the 2L, four-cylinder combustion engine. In this, up to 31 mpg is earned when traveling highways outside Savannah.

Volvo C40 Recharge

The first-ever Volvo luxury crossover, Volvo C40 Recharge will earn an all-electric radius comprising 200+miles amid an interior free of leather. In its place is the use of sustainable and recycled materials in seating surfaces and carpets. Acceleration will propel Volvo C40 Recharge from a standstill to 60 mph in 4.7-seconds.

With the above iterations of Volvo luxury models, Google applications of Google Maps, Google Assistant and Google Play are built in.

As well, Volvo Cars' proprietary suite of IntelliSafe driver-assistance functions provide complete peace-of-mind. This in keeping with the altruistic grounding of the Volvo Cars brand.

Federal Tax Credits to be Claimed with Volvo Recharge, Mild-Hybrid Models

To incentivize a reduction in reliance on fossil fuels, the federal government provides the ability to claim up to $7,500 in tax credits.

So, dependent upon your level of Volvo electrification, any federal tax liability may be entirely satisfied with your Volvo acquisition via Volvo Cars Savannah.

As well, Volvo Cars offers the following benefits with Volvo Recharge luxury models reserved or ordered:

  • A one-year, complimentary subscription to discounted energy through the Electrify America public-charging network.
  • Complimentary, factory-scheduled maintenance and wear coverage is extended for the first four years or 40,000-miles.
  • An eight-year, 100,000-mile warranty covers the drive battery when you purchase a pure-electric, Volvo luxury SUV or crossover.

In all, your reservation of a Volvo luxury model has some form of benefit applied.

Volvo Cars Savannah - Offering the Convenience of Reserving Your Volvo From Home, Office Outside Savannah, GA

To think that with your laptop or smartphone, you're essentially in our Volvo luxury showroom.,/p>

From there, you may conduct research, browse models for their select features, investigate finance offers and lease deals, and order Volvo Genuine Accessories and parts, too.

This provides our clientele with a total, immersible Volvo shopping experience accomplished at your leisure.

Steamlined Conveniences for the Complete, 'My Volvo Experience'

There's also the capacity to complete a finance application, value your trade and other tools to streamline your reservation of the finest luxury models available Savannah, GA.

So, when you're ready to begin, let us know what your desires, needs and tastes are for Volvo luxury models. You will then work in close collaboration with our professionals for complete satisfaction.

The vaunted, "My Volvo Experience" is sure to be savored, provided you're up for Scandinavian efficiency and refinement in performance and luxury alike.

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