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Safety on the Roadway: How to Reduce Your Chance of Hydroplaning

Few things can compare to being in an out-of-control vehicle, which can be very scary. The car is almost floating on the road surface like a leaf on a windy day. This can most certainly cause an accident or damage to the vehicle or much worse. Learn and understand the causes of hydroplaning and simple strategies to prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones. Hydroplaning is when the tires lose traction on the road surface.

Hydroplaning can be caused by environmental conditions such as rain, ice or fluids from vehicles. 

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Volvo Brand Looks to Eliminate Run-Off Road Crashes with New Technology

In a single year in the United States, 37,000 people die in car accidents. The Volvo brand has made it its mission to not just decrease this figure, but eliminate it entirely. Recent efforts are demonstrated in the brand's collaboration with helmet maker POC to develop safety technology between cyclists and Volvo drivers, and now the brand has developed the world's first run-off road crash prevention technology. Take a look at the…

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Volvo is Determined to Keep You Safe

Generally, when people talk about Volvo vehicles, they think about safety. These vehicles have some impressive features that make it easy to stay safe on the road. Well now they have found yet another way to improve road safety: they're allowing drivers to connect with cyclists. Take a look.

Here at Volvo of Savannah we think this is an amazing idea. Drivers and cyclists are not always aware of what the other is doing…

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Volvo is Bringing the Future of Automotive Safety to the Road Today

Great twist at the end of that ad, right? It might seem a little too unreal to believe, but Volvo is moving ahead with this concept very quickly. In fact, the word from the home office in Gothenburg is that Volvo vehicles are now keeping up with traffic, merging, and braking all by themselves.

What's more, Volvo engineers recently got a Volvo V60 out on the road. Of course, unlike the model that we offer in our Savannah, GA showroom, this wagon is moving on its own, too.

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Get a Renewed Sense of Confidence on the Road with a New Volvo vehicle

It's nice to have confidence at the wheel and our brand's renowned safety certainly helps in that department. In fact, many of the Savannah, GA drivers that have visited our Volvo dealer recently have found a new sense of confidence simply by getting behind the wheel. Sometimes, you don't even have to leave the showroom for it to catch on

While you'll likely get a good idea as to which ride…

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