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Why Does the Four-Wheel Drive Keep Popping out of Gear?

The transfer case on your four-wheel-drive (4WD) vehicle is located behind the transmission. Depending on how your system’s configured, it uses either a chain or set of gears to change your vehicle from two-wheel to four-wheel drive. This occurs through the driveshafts for the front and rear axles. The objective is to slow the rotational speed so that the wheels turn at the same time, creating greater force.

When you notice a situation, such as the 4WD lever popping out of gear, it could be the result of the transfer case losing oil. The seals can wear out with…

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Preventive Maintenance Helps to Avoid Engine Overheating

When you have an effective cooling system for your engine, the chances of it overheating are lower. However, even with a good cooling system, there are preventive measures that you need to take as a car owner.

The engine’s cooling system relies on the antifreeze in your radiator. If this level becomes too low, or completely drained, your car will overheat. This can cause other engine parts to fail such as a blown head gasket, which is expensive and time-consuming to repair. It’s important to have your antifreeze level checked periodically.

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Is the Differential Necessary to Drive?

You would immediately notice the need for a differential the first time you turned a corner in your car without one. Each wheel’s rotation is designed to travel at different speeds. To accommodate the difference in ratio, the differential allows for each speed through a series of gear movements.

When you turn a corner, the wheels that are closest to the turn, called the inside wheels, only have a short distance to travel to complete the arc of the turn. The outside wheels, on the opposite side of the car, need to travel a much greater distance and speed…

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Rotating Your Tires Regularly Will Help You Get the Most Out of Them

Your tires are designed to be the only piece of equipment on your vehicle that makes contact with the road while driving. Because of this, you will find that they suffer from some of the worst wear and tear.

In order to combat that wear and tear, you will want to make sure to do everything that you can to maximize their lifespan. That begins with doing your regular rotations. You should be rotating and balancing your tires about every 3,000-5,000 miles. Doing this will help your tires to wear more evenly which will help them to last…

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Why Choose Parts from The Dealership?

When buying a new vehicle, you can't expect it to never have any problems. If your car has problems right away, this is not a good sign. But after a while of driving your car around and putting some miles on it, it is only normal that your vehicle will begin to need some maintenance. But what if this maintenance is more serious to the point where your car needs a replacement part?

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Stay Up to Date with Your Car’s Dashboard Warning Lights

Having a clear understanding of Dashboard Warning Lights is crucial to both the car owners and anyone planning to buy a car in the next few months. Our team at Volvo Cars Savannah normally provides services to the cars that do have some problems with their lighting systems. However, here are some common dashboard warning lights and their meanings:

Usually, our services include ensuring that the dashboard warning lights are functioning properly. In case you are experiencing some problem with the lights, then you are welcome to visit our premises which are available both online and offline.

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Choosing Volvo Cars Savannah to Service Your Vehicle is Easy Choice

Don't leave the work of servicing your vehicle up to an independent mechanic who may or may not have the certification to get the job done right. Here are a few of the reasons to be working with the experts at Volvo Cars Savannah instead:

At our Savannah, GA, our entire team has dedicated ourselves to providing you the best possible service. Stop in and see for yourself at 8301 White Bluff Road!

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