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Ways to Keep Your Driveway Safe This Winter

As winter approaches, more and more people are asking our service team here at Volvo Cars Savannah for the best method to keep their driveways safe. Our service team has put together a list of the three most common methods used for keeping your driveway safe, and listed some of the pros and cons as well.

1. Kitty Litter
Kitty litter is a commonly used material when trying to add traction under a vehicle's tires when it is stuck. Kitty litter should never be used on a driveway due to the fact that it provides little traction, and can…
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Ninety Years of Volvo Innovation In the Making


Have you heard of the 10,000 hour rule? Devised by social scientist Malcolm Gladwell, the gist of it is this: do something for 10,000 hours, and you become an expert at whatever task you undertake. Imagine Volvo's level of automotive expertise, then. After 90 years of innovation - or 788,400 hours - it's safe to say Volvo is an expert at creating innovative, modern, refined vehicles...


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