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Volvo Brand Looks to Eliminate Run-Off Road Crashes with New Technology

In a single year in the United States, 37,000 people die in car accidents. The Volvo brand has made it its mission to not just decrease this figure, but eliminate it entirely. Recent efforts are demonstrated in the brand's collaboration with helmet maker POC to develop safety technology between cyclists and Volvo drivers, and now the brand has developed the world's first run-off road crash prevention technology. Take a look at the…

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Achieve Your Resolution to 'Go Anywhere' in 2015 with the Volvo V60

Have you set your resolutions for the new 2015 year yet? Maybe you're still working on them, and if so, let our team at Volvo of Savannah suggest to you a goal: live more adventurously. Sounds nice, right? But the other half to setting a goal is figuring how you can maintain it. Fortunately, we've found a way to adventure and 'go anywhere' in the 2015 year. We're doing it behind the…

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Jeremy Lin, the XC60, and an Interesting Workout Video

Door lifts? Driver's seat sit-ups? Sun visor flips? Probably not workout routines you've ever heard of... or anyone else has either, we'd suspect. Point guard for the New York Nicks, Jeremy Lin is boasting the muscle-building abilities of the Volvo XC60 and, like he says, you can't argue the results! Take a look below to see the new funny - and somewhat ridiculous - video.

While we probably shouldn't condone vehicle-based workout…

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