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DIY Headlight Cleaning Methods

Cleaning your vehicle’s headlights is one facet of maintenance that’s frequently overlooked. In fact, it may just be a gradual awareness that the they’re not as bright as they once were. Keeping on a routine cleaning schedule will eliminate the buildup, and you will appreciate the difference. There are a couple of methods you can try yourself.

One of the easiest is using toothpaste, warm water, and a clean cloth. Simply put a little toothpaste on the damp cloth and scrub the lenses. I may take a couple of tries if they are particularly dirty. Follow cleaning…

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Why Choose Parts from The Dealership?

When buying a new vehicle, you can't expect it to never have any problems. If your car has problems right away, this is not a good sign. But after a while of driving your car around and putting some miles on it, it is only normal that your vehicle will begin to need some maintenance. But what if this maintenance is more serious to the point where your car needs a replacement part?

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Don’t Get Stuck in a Georgia Rainstorm without Volvo Wiper Blades

When you live down south you can expect summer rain showers. Thankfully, for the most part, they're fierce but don't last long and provide a bit of coolness.

Since the threat of rain is high, at Volvo of Savannah we certainly encourage Volvo owners to visit our parts center and order Genuine Volvo wiper blades. It's easy to take our wipers for granted, especially when new Volvo vehicles are equipped with such advanced safety features, but superb visibility is the first line of safe driving defense.

Now is the time to order the parts, because the last…

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