You may find your car, or another motorist's car, will not start after leaving the store or an event. You can get the non-operative car running again with a quick jump-start. Bring the car that is running as close to the nose of the other vehicle so the two batteries are as close as possible, allowing the jumper cables to reach easily. Turn the car engine off and be sure the car lights are not on.

Open the hoods and grab your jumper cables. The jumper cables have two red and black clamps. Place the red clamp on the positive terminal on the battery of the car with the good battery. The other red goes on the terminal of the battery in need of a jump-start. Now place one of the black cables on the negative terminal of the good battery. The last black cable goes to bare metal on car getting a jump.

Try starting car, wait two or three minutes, try to start the car until it starts. After the car is running, bring it to our auto repair center in Savannah, GA so we can determine what is causing the battery to lose the charge.

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