Few things can compare to being in an out-of-control vehicle, which can be very scary. The car is almost floating on the road surface like a leaf on a windy day. This can most certainly cause an accident or damage to the vehicle or much worse. Learn and understand the causes of hydroplaning and simple strategies to prevent this from happening to you and your loved ones. Hydroplaning is when the tires lose traction on the road surface.

Hydroplaning can be caused by environmental conditions such as rain, ice or fluids from vehicles. Overworn tires can cause this also, as the decreased tread will make your tires more likely to lose traction on the road. This is a simple and easy fix with new tires for your vehicle from a trusted auto repair shop. Proper adherence to weather conditions can also decrease the chances of hydroplaning. Follow the recommended speed for the road condition from rain and other weather-related changes.

In summary, hydroplaning can lead to a tragedy if safety and common-sense recommendations are ignored. This hazard can certainly be dramatically prevented with a few owner maintenance tips. If you live in Savannah, GA, please drop in to the Volvo of Savannah dealership for your yearly tire inspection. They can advise you on proper tire car for your safety. This can prevent a tragedy.

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