When you have an effective cooling system for your engine, the chances of it overheating are lower. However, even with a good cooling system, there are preventive measures that you need to take as a car owner.

The engine’s cooling system relies on the antifreeze in your radiator. If this level becomes too low, or completely drained, your car will overheat. This can cause other engine parts to fail such as a blown head gasket, which is expensive and time-consuming to repair. It’s important to have your antifreeze level checked periodically. The belts and hoses that support the cooling system should also be in peak condition. This preventive maintenance can provide you better assurances that the engine will not overheat, which will save you a lot of frustration and money.

Our service technicians at Volvo of Savannah are highly-trained to make sure that the cooling system for your engine is operating efficiently. Call for an appointment!

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