What Happens When the Lease is Over?

Leasing a car is convenient, especially when you cannot afford the larger payments to buy a car. You can, at times, get too attached to the vehicle and wonder what happens when the lease is over. Usually, your options are to turn it in, extend the lease, or buy out the car.

Here is what you should do at such a time:

  • Call your dealer and speak about your contracts to understand the terms and conditions.
  • Inspect the vehicle for any damages and confirm what the agreement covers.
  • Repair the car where necessary.
  • Check for mileage and see if you exceeded the mileage cap in your lease agreement.
  • Empty the car- remove all your personal belongings.
  • Return the vehicle to the dealer.
  • Discuss the options, including the possibility of a buyout.

If you are undecided or need extra information, contact the finance center at Volvo Cars Savananh. The staff at our location in Savannah, GA would be happy to offer you extra guidance.

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