Volvo is Bringing the Future of Automotive Safety to the Road Today

Great twist at the end of that ad, right? It might seem a little too unreal to believe, but Volvo is moving ahead with this concept very quickly. In fact, the word from the home office in Gothenburg is that Volvo vehicles are now keeping up with traffic, merging, and braking all by themselves.

What's more, Volvo engineers recently got a Volvo V60 out on the road. Of course, unlike the model that we offer in our Savannah, GA showroom, this wagon is moving on its own, too.

We don't know exactly when we'll see autonomous drive vehicles hit our shores, but the good news is that driving a V60 with your own two hands can be a lot of fun. And with or without the new technology, you've still got one of the safest rides on the road.

To get a feel for a V60 for yourself, visit Volvo of Savannah today.

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